Aviation Management:

Through a monthly fee, in Unique Jet Aviation we'll meet all the needs associated with you flights (accommodations, car rentals, tours, etc.), payment of crews, aircraft maintenance and efficient use of their aircraft.

Aircrafts Sales:

If you are planning to purchase an aircraft or you want to change your current aircraft, through our systems analysis and corporate partners, we help you get the plane that best fits your personal and financial needs.


Through our network of global concierge, we can accommodate flights, hotels, events in the most prestigious and selective places in the world.

Crew Services:

By a fee we can offer our well trained crew with more than 20,000 flight hours.
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The monthly fee for management the aircraft would allow enjoy the following benefits:

✓ Concierge services (hotel booking, limousines cars, tour packages).

✓ Always have a crew available to you.

✓ Our operations department is available 24 hours a day to coordinate their flights.

✓ Deposit payroll pilots *.

✓ Partnership with the best workshops and aircraft manufacturers.

✓ Discounts of around 25% in maintenance. **

✓ Guarantee from the workshops in the works.

✓ Always will provide a solution to mechanical or structural problems of your aircraft.

✓ Discount browsing software and database of its aircraft.

✓ Discount maintenance programs where you are or want to list your tickets (JSSI, Smarts Parts, CAMPS)

✓ Your crew will always be trained every 6 months at best training center ***

✓ Enjoy discounts at FBO worldwide.

✓ Enjoy discounts on accommodations worldwide.

✓ Enjoy discount on fuel in different parts of the world and especially in the Miami International Airport where you can save up to 30% per gallon placed.

✓ Our operations department will take care of to accommodate every one of its flights, including accommodation, transfers, restaurants.

✓ Always find and provide you with a solution to any problem that presents itself to you or your airplane.

* Paid payroll pilots for you we make the debt from you operational cash.

** This discount is based on an average because it depends on the repairs and maintenance of aircraft.

*** The serious training every six months if you decide to hire only full service