Unique Jet Aviation, was founded over 12 years ago with the vision to become one of the leading companies in Venezuela and the United States in management, consulting, purchase and sale of private jets. These years of experience we have in the market, have enabled us to consolidate our operations worldwide , and set our hubs in Caracas, Curacao, Miami and Palm Beach.

Currently in Unique Jet Aviation, we have one of the youngest fleets in the market. We operate a fleet 13 aircraft of different sizes and 2 helicopters, which have adapted to the financial and personal needs of our clients. For us in Unique Jet Aviation, the most important thing is to understand your needs and those of your business, so in that way we can maximize operational costs and offer the services that best suit your needs, considering your budget, security and trust .

In Unique Jet Aviation:

    We are always committed to providing a high quality service, which allows you to enjoy each of its flights.
    We will be always at your disposal to take you to travel around the world, accommodating each of their trips and making each one a unique and incomparable experience.
    The Security of your family and your work team is the most important for us, that is why we meet high quality standards, training and demanding as possible to our crews and maintenance workshops.
    The efficiency of our operations department, administration, maintenance and staff of pilots, has allowed us to maximize the operational costs of our customers.

Provide the best experience of flying on private jets, making each of your trips aboard Unique Jet Aviation's a unique experience.


Being the number one company in Venezuela and Latin America, in the management and operation of private jets.


Our main strength, is our people highly trained to solve problems and meet the demands of each of our clients.